Our products

Internationally renowned for its exceptional taste and nutritional qualities, the Moroccan clementine is a unique product. Our production comes exclusively from the Souss region, the heart of Moroccan citrus.

Strictly controlled throughout the production and packaging chain, our product offering has the ability to respond to any type of application, to meet the requirements of different export markets.

Production and exportation schedule :

With the exceptional climate of the region of Souss, our production and export campaign extends over eight months, between October and June. The production consists mainly of varieties:

Small fruits : Clémentines, Clémentines Nour, Ortaline, Mandarines, ...
Oranges : Navel, Navel Late, Salustiana, Maroc Late, Washington Sanguine.
Other citrus: Citron.

Clementines and citrus exportation schedule