Social :

station de conditionnement d'agrumes Behind Bestland and Clementina, there are hundreds of men and women who work daily to provide our products the ideal conditions to grow and mature.
Citizen and reponsible group, we strive to follow a social charter which recognizes the right of workers and offers them optimal working conditions. We forbid child labor, overworked laborers or any other practice that contradicts international law of work, or the International Bill of human Rights.

Environemental :

station de conditionnement d'agrumes In agriculture and agroindutrial activities, the respect to the Earth and Nature becomes an indispensable citizen behavior. That's why Clementina is firmly committed to the respect for the environment, and strives to reduce the environmental impact of the design of its packaging and in all its logistics activities.

Quality :

station de conditionnement d'agrumes Our production meets the strictest international standards. From production to delivery to the customer through all stages of processing and packaging, a rigorous system of monitoring, traceability and control ensures the maintenance of fruit quality and its contents taste and nutrients.